Pecha Kucha Night Delhi #27 : The Makers (No – this has nothing to do with going against the theory of One God)

Makker's labOver the last couple of weeks, the CKS cyber messaging channels, both internal as well as external, are once again abuzz with that familiar arc of conversation that tends to come up (infallibly) around a Pecha Kucha Night. Discussions around speakers and their suitability, clarity of the topic, which part of our sprawling campus we should use, who all should we invite, should it be a generic come-hither to all, or should we be selective about who we invite (contrary to popular belief we do actually decide upon who we’re going to invite, it’s not really a come one come all. Well, at some level …. ) , what kind of snacks we’re going to serve, the extent of the industrial solvent (read as that word beginning with A______) we’re going to be serving, shall we serve it straight up or in cocktail form (though I suspect that the last part is largely in my head, and hopefully a few others), spacial arrangements, and so on and forth.

The long and short of it – We’re one week away from what is being considered as potentially one of the most exciting Pecha Kucha Delhi Nights in the recent past – the Makers. We’ve had some pretty brilliant topics and presentations all along, so you can only imagine the excitement that is associated with the preparation for this one. Here’s a bit more detail about the ‘Maker Revolution’ and Pecha Kucha Night. 

Across the world we are experiencing an inspiring shift in the relationship between production and consumption. Often referred to as the Maker Revolution, this shift is underpinned by advancements in digital and open technologies that are allowing for rapid prototyping, local production and bespoke manufacturing. Makers across the world are embracing these new technologies and collecting together to learn, share and create in hackerspaces, maker labs, and maker fairs in cities everywhere. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad, amongst other Indian cities, each have online and offline groups, spaces and events of their own. One would think that India’s rich craft tradition will give the provide for a unique character to the maker movement here. Only time will tell. But even as we watch this movement unfold, there is something to be said about the sheer act of making regardless of material, technology, technique, process or use. 

The 27th edition of Pecha Kucha Night Delhi will bring together engineers, designers, craftsmen, artists and enthusiasts all around to share stories on what it means to be a maker, the techniques and process of making, and the after-life of the made. From the tangible to the intangible, flat to the three dimensional, analogue to digital, these stories will represent a variety of histories, trajectories, experiences and futures.

Pecha Kucha is the Japanese sound for ‘chit chat’, and is a unique presentation format that originated in Japan as an informal forum for young designers and architects to show and talk about their work, network with others, and have a conversation about art, design, architecture and more. Presenters show 20 image-only slides, for 20 seconds each, which makes for a rapid and energetic presentation, usually followed by snacks, drinks and conversation. The immense success of this format has made Pecha Kucha a global event, and it is now in over 600 cities. Its openness and inclusiveness makes it an excellent way to share information, meet new people and interact in meaningful ways with other passionate people.

Keep an eye on this space for more details about the speakers.


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