Pecha Kucha Night #23- Watch out for the it!

Hi everyone and we are back with the 23rd edition of Pecha Kucha Night. Interestingly enough, this time we get together to brainstorm and discuss about Waste, Garbage and Shit. And yes, folks that’s our theme for the next PKN #23.- Waste, Garbage and Shit: The Design of the Unwanted and the Unseen. Here’s more what we would be discussing on.

On first reflection it might seem entirely normal that we should all spend more time, care and effort on the things that attract and appeal to our senses: jewellery, clothing, furniture, lighting, homes, automobiles and so many other elements of lifestyle fit into this category. But what of the things that do not appeal to us in this way? The things which are positively foul and stench-ridden, which breed infection and disease? It is not so pleasant to design systems for them, perhaps, but it might turn out to be more important for our long-term well-being that we pay them equal design attention, albeit of a different type.

This Pecha-Kucha Night is dedicated to understanding how one should go about designing different kinds of things that one does not want or want to think about. We mention waste, garbage and shit because they all represent different degrees of value. Perhaps there are even more subtle distinctions to be made here, which might provoke more political, social and market sophisticated responses in the future.

We look forward to speakers dealing with pre and post consumer waste recycling, trash management, water sewage and sanitation, among other specializations to talk about their work and the principles guiding their efforts. It will not be a very clean affair.

When: Friday, 29th November 2013


Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation
Near Qutab Minar Metro Station
D-57, 100 Foot Road, Chattarpur Enclave
New Delhi


Speakers for the event to be announced soon. Stay tuned!

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