Pecha Kucha Night #22 on ‘Well by Design’

Through the last two centuries, modern medicine has made dramatic changes to our lifespan and to the quality of our lives. Through fundamental science, through new clinical practices, through new technologies and new technical capabilities, we have gradually changed our way of understanding not only disease, but also wellness.

But not all of us have benefited equally. And in many cases the costs of new medical techniques and technologies means that they can only be made available asymmetrically, first to those who can pay for them. The medical doctors and technologists at the Stanford India Biodesign program are dedicated to using design approaches to create new affordable medical technologies that can be most beneficial in the Indian context.

Modern lifestyles, with long commutes, continuous connectivity, industrial-age diets, moreover, pose new challenges about how to live long and prosper. The solutions to the challenges of wellness, therefore, will come from an integrated approach to the design of modern lifestyles, which will encompass our homes, our cities, our transportation systems and our communications and leisure facilities. All these topics are also part of our topics this time, Well by Design.

Experts and thought leaders, drawn from medical technology, public health, as well as general leisure and lifestyle design will talk about new developments in their respective areas that can promote health and wellness in contemporary India at the upcoming Pecha Kucha Delhi #22 happening on the 24th of Oct 2013 at the Adianta campus at Chhatarpur, New Delhi.  The event will specifically focus on Health and Well Being.

Meet our Speakers!

1. Ms. Sehba Imam – A TV script writer and founder of ‘Let’s Walk Gurgaon’ will be elaborating on the ‘purpose of purposelessness’ and how she and her walker friends accidentally stumbled on the secret of health whilst being helplessly lost in the Aravalli jungles.

2. Mr. Neeraj Kumar – A fellow from Stanford India Biodesign will be representing his team who have developed ‘Handy’ , an interesting wearable device that motivates health care professionals to adhere to hand hygiene practices by displaying the last disinfection.

3. Mr. Amit Bhatt – The Head of Transport at EMBARQ , India – will be talking about the vital role of city design in addressing road traffic fatalities which are now recognized as a public health hazard as by 2030 it is predicted that road traffic will emerge as the fifth Global leading cause of death.

4. Dr. Avijit Bansal – A fellow alumni of Stanford India Biodesign and co-founder of Windmill Health Technologies will be emphasizing on innovation as a way of life by which any problem can be solved whilst depicting examples from his own experience in the field of medicine.

5. Mr. Nekram Upadhyay – The Head of the Department of Assisitve Technology at the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre will be reflecting on the needs of today’s disabled people who are far more independent, daring and involved in the society. He will also give an Indian perspective of the role and challenges that assistive devices are associated with.

6. Dr. Lysander Menezes– From PATH is a Health Systems Design specialist who will be zooming out to discuss public healthcare and the need for creating and implementing a Technology Translation and Introduction Platform for the Scale-Up of Medical Innovation in India.

7. Ms. Neha Shetty and Ms. Medha Tyagi – Are both interns at the Stanford India Biodesign and shall be presenting their recent project ‘Accufeed’ which is an assistive device that facilitates the accurate insertion of a Naso gastric tube (used when a patient cannot take food orally) avoiding morbidity and mortality caused by misplacement.

8. Mr. Vineet Panwar – From Art digitized shares his experience from designing 3D walk ins of buildings to bodies. He explains the role of medical animation, how it has changed the visual language of the medical world and how doctors have been bitten by the creative bug!

9. Dr Shanoob Azad the founder of DOC N DOC magazine and the CEO of 4 TRANZ4 Consulting will be taking us on a time ride to the past to understand how healthcare has evolved and then shuttling us to the future to get a peak at what the world of healthcare design could look like.

10. Dr. IshaPrasad Bhagwat- National Manager at Save the Children will be focusing on the present day public health challenges and how there is a need to apply principles of the ‘systems approach’ to solve them quoting examples such as WASH and Diabetes Mellitus.

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