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Do you want to innovate for better rural public health?

The Lab is collaboration between the State Govt. of Bihar, Gates Foundation, Social Sector enterprises and CKS with a mandate to develop and deploy effective solutions to Bihar’s most pressing healthcare challenges. As a start the Lab will focus on the design of 4 high impact innovations targeted at radically improving maternal and child healthcare, identification of critical but latent healthcare needs, and training of government and social sector health cadres in innovation thinking and practices.

The lab leadership is now on the lookout for the most talented, energetic and motivated professionals who are as passionate, about innovation in the public interest, as we are. As we build out the Lab’s squad, we seek to engage trans-disciplinary designers, anthropologists, public health experts, knowledge, communications and media officers and operations executives who will collaboratively give this initiative its form and identity.

Improving the Service Experience of Healthcare Delivery

Project Description:

The Village Health and Nutrition Day (VHND) is an initiative under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) which brings healthcare services to remote rural communities on a monthly basis. A large focus of the VHND lies in maternal and child health services, including the delivery of various high-impact services such as ante- and post-natal checkups, routine immunization, distribution of nutritional supplements, family planning products, and more. Often, it is the first contact that beneficiaries and rural communities make with primary health services. Prior research (CKS: 2010c) has revealed that factors like improper session planning and resource allocation, chaotic equipment and space organization, and poor crowd management and engagement, adversely impact the effectiveness of the entire initiative.

This innovation challenge is of designing the delivery process and session sites to create efficient and high quality of health service delivery and most importantly a superior care experience for beneficiaries that in turn will motivate beneficiaries to seek health services, inculcate healthy behaviours and increase the overall demand, uptake and coverage of public health services.

For this project, we seek a team of social science professionals (anthropologists and sociologists) and designers (information and communication, service, user experience) who represent a diverse set of perspectives and expertise, cross cutting interests, are interested in social impact work and can apply themselves to a wide range of challenges.

Job Description:

Designation: Design Researcher (with capabilities to manage small / medium projects)

Location: Delhi & Rural Bihar

Experience: 1.5 + years relevant work experience

Project Start Date: Jan. 2014

Project End Date: Dec. 2014

Educational Qualifications: Bachelors or Masters Degree in social science (anthropology, sociology, psychology) / design (information and communication, service, user experience or product design, candidates with inter-disciplinary backgrounds will be preferred).

Skills: Space Design and Exhibit Design, Ethnographic Research, Visual Ethnography, Communication Design, Information Design, User Experience Design, Storyboarding and Illustrations,

Photography, Data Synthesis and Analysis, Presentation Making, Good Communication

Key Responsibilities:

  • You must be well-versed with methods of ethnography and have experience in ethnographic field work. We will look for an ability to comfortably mingle and engage with diverse users and communities, gain their trust and naturally have candid interactions while being perceptive and observant about the context. You should be able to empathize and immerse in the context like an insider and simultaneously be able to observe and interpret from an objective external perspective.

  • You should be able to cross analyze data from multiple-perspectives, interpret it in novel and relevant ways, visualize and articulate its complexities and identify patterns and underlying rationales. An ability to develop and employ structured and new analytic frameworks will be highly useful.

  • Communicating insights through powerful and clear information design i.e. reports, data models, illustrations, story boards, photographs, visual ethnography, movies and other multi-media techniques. We will look for fluency with textual, verbal and visual communication and comfort with formats such as reports, publications, blogs etc. (Graphic communication techniques are a must for designers and can be exempted for anthropologists and sociologists if they are open to learning visual representation of data)

  • Designers should be able to work with highly structured and systematic design methods of concept generation, iteration, prioritization and refinement. We follow a user-centered systems approach and expect the design team to pursue, refine and develop improved methods towards user-centered design.

  • Persuasive and confident public presentation skills and strong written expression will be a plus point. The Innovation Lab is the first of its kind initiative in India that will inevitably evoke interest from diverse state, public, private and social sector organizations from emerging economy countries. This work will be in public view constantly and we will rely on the leadership and project team members to effectively communicate the Lab’s undertakings.

  • Good planning and time management skills are a must for effective project delivery

  • You must be self-motivated, pro-active in taking initiative and ownership when required, work well in a team environment and learn from as well as compliment the expertise of other team members. Above all, you will have the privilege to work under high-pressure situations, at the Lab, which will provide you with the opportunity to step up and take on a higher charge; be prepared for it.

Key Tasks:

  • Designing effective research tools and field guides

  • Conducting extensive field research and developing high quality and richly visual field reports

  • Developing interim reports and documents

  • Designing analytic frameworks, conducting and participating in collaborative analysis workshops with experts and clients

  • Generating multiple solution concepts and systematically evaluating their value

  • Designing data models, visualizing concepts and graphic layouts

  • Making prototypes or supervising the development of vendor prototypes

  • Define project tasks and resource requirements

  • Managing field and project budget

  • Implement and manage project changes and interventions to achieve project outputs

  • Handling client demands pro-actively

  • Writing regular blogs on ongoing innovation work and developing white papers for the Innovation Lab’s Health Innovation Blog

  • Must be willing to participate in non-project Lab activities e.g. proposal writing, help organize Lab events and trainings and represent the Lab in events, conferences and client meetings

Interested candidates are requested to email their resume, writing samples, and / or portfolios to us at,, along with their current salary, expected salary and notice period.

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