One Week Until Design Public Conclave

We are one week away from Design Public III: Trust, Participation, Innovation, a conclave bringing together government officials, private sector, social sector, funding agencies, specialists, entrepreneurs, and academics to discuss and debate the challenges, goals, and strategies of transforming India into an innovation society

At CKS, we have been working with our partners and sponsors, IBM, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Google, CIS, LiveMint, Headstart, Footprint, and India@75, to organize the event in order to facilitate a robust dialogue. We have been researching the Relationship between Trust and Innovation and Designing Cities with innovative planning. Panelists Scott Burnham and Amir Khan have written guest blog posts for us on “Trust, Participation and Innovation” and asking “Why Should India Move Towards and Innovation Society?” Sam Pitroda, Advisor to the Prime Minister, has been interviewed by Aditya Dev Sood about innovation in the Indian context.

On April 20th at the National Museum in New Delhi, participants will explore a wide range of ideas linked to innovation in India, including social trust, creativity and design, participation, and cooperation, as well as strategic steps. The four panels and three breakout sessions frame the dialogue for these ideas and encourage the formulation of tangible steps towards an innovation society.

The first panel, “Crises of Trust are Crises of Creativity, Design, and Ultimately of Innovation,” discusses the role of imagination, creativity, and empathy as foundational ideas in an innovation society. “Participation, Collaboration, and Innovation,” the second panel of the day, explores the state of involvement, communication, and cooperation in India today and the needs of innovation for partnership. In panel three, “Imagining India as an Innovation Society,” participants will attempt to understand India’s goals as an innovation society, as well as the challenges and barriers to this vision.

Following the third panel, we will show a video message from Sam Pitroda on India’s Innovation Future. After this, a formal launch of the Bihar Innovation Lab will take place. This is an institution for bringing innovation excellence to the rural context, conceptualized at the first Design Public Conclave last year, now realized in collaboration with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Following this, there will be three breakout sessions:
1. Smarter Cities: Designing cities to meet the challenges of urbanization in India
2. How can we do rural innovation better?: Creating a strategic framework or methodology to find innovative solutions to rural issues of healthcare, education, and poverty
3. 50 steps to an innovation society: Engaging government, bureaucrats, industry, academics, and entrepreneurs to build a collaborative platform for innovation

The culminating panel asks “What do we need to do to build an innovation society?” Integrating the ideas of the day, the goals for innovation, challenges to overcome, and overarching vision of India as an innovation society, the final panel aims to outline the tangible steps to be taken towards realizing this vision for India.

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Our sponsor LiveMint has now set up a subdomain for Design Public, which will continue to post information and news on the event. The discussion has already begun on our linkedin group. Also follow us on Twitter @des1gnpubl1c or on facebook here.

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