Of Learning, Adianta and its Mentors:

“Students must be ready to learn by doing, else they will have wasted the opportunity of a lifetime” – Aditya Dev Sood, Chairman, Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation.

The Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation has a bold new approach to learning. The skill based learning program has been designed to achieve superior outcomes through its highly tailored approach of Learning by Doing, essential for today’s innovation future.The “studio approach” to the teaching of management, entrepreneurship and innovation presents a tremendous opportunity for students to show off their aptitudes and skills to future employers, investors and partners. Unlike the standard theoretical school curriculum that is followed in India today, the Adianta School’s workshop module is based on project work, hands-on, learning-by-doing,trying, failing and learning approach.

With such an idea in place, the Adianta School, with its distinguished faculty promises a future tapped with creativity, business and life. Each batch of students is exposed to 20 visiting faculty and more than 100 global mentors and advisors. The faculty comprises of distinguished people from diverse backgrounds ranging from designers to bio-technologists, researchers to philanthropists, anthropologist to entrepreneurs, as well as academicians and theorists. In addition to the resident core faculty, the school invites a series of visiting and guest faculty members from around the world that come in to take short courses and assignments. These highly-trained experts in different fields are also practitioners and so after graduation, a student builds his own network of upto 100 shifus (wise older friends) and mentors from different leading organizations around the world. This kind of mentorship is an invaluable life long resource, for it allows young people to seek advice, tips on work opportunities and other kind of guidance.

The faculty members use ways of demanding simulations and role playing challenges, critical reviews and professional developments in order to help the students develop their key leadership abilities. Students use competitive games, collaboration strategies and other live techniques to learn how to listen to groups, lead from behind and motivate their teams in both strong but subtle ways. These unique pedagogic approaches help the students to develop their creativity, initiative and poise based on enhanced self insight and self understanding. Each of these approach induces spontaneous and critical thinking amongst the students.The program is based on learning from real-life situations followed by participation and discussions, which includes field research and projects along with reviews and solution creation.

Each of the faculty member reaches out and discusses about the approach, ideas, and challenges of the students and gives them real-time feedback on a one-on-one basis. They believe that there is no right and wrong and no single truth in this approach to learning- the goal is to improve every students’ approach towards problem-solving, planning and leadership. Students are taught to drive their own self-education by maintaining an online blog, which is shared with the faculty, fellow students and the rest of the world. The diversity in the background of the faculty members and mentors at the Adianta School, helps in enriching the learning experience of its students.

The creative space of the campus strives one to do more and better with everyday becoming an inspiration.  It provides a space that enables the students to work individually as well as come together in teams to develop one’s innovations, new enterprises and leadership abilities.

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