Of Kotler, Pitches and Grammer!

The second week of classes at Adianta was an extremely challenging experience for our students. It kicked off on 4th September with a class in marketing by Ashish Dhar with a focus on ‘Analyzing Markets- Growth and Size Opportunity’. “Watch the product life cycle; but more important, watch the market life cycle.”- says the marketing guru Philip Kotler. Ashish Dhar started the session by analysing markets and how to find  growth opportunities for a marketer. He spoke about system dynamics and taught a comparative analysis of the various marketing analysis tools. The importance of the concept of a product and a market life cycle was emphasised upon as both has its limitations. He spoke about two new concepts called the PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological) and the SWAT analysis which are extremely important parameters on which the system dynamics should be based on.

The mentor session, on the following day by Hima Batavia was a very interesting one and it gave students an insight on how investors look at one’s pitch as an entrepreneur. She also gave light on how  the  incubation process works. She spoke about adopting a start-up and giving it the right environment for it to flourish and grow. Students walked out with some great tips and it proved to be a great learning experience for all.

The workshops for the week concluded on 6th September with a very interesting and engaging interaction with Usha Alexander. She disseminated some valuable advice on basic blog writing techniques which included use of more active voice and how to proofread your own work by keeping grammatical and punctuation errors in mind. She emphasized the use of multimedia i.e pictures, videos, audios, presentations etc., as it will make it more interesting for the reader. The first paragraph of the blog should give the reader an idea about what the blog would talk about  hence the importance of stating your thesis in the beginning cannot be undermined. Parallelism in both content and structure is an extremely useful technique in writing hence repeating a scheme and  drawing allegories between different concepts and events  gives the writer greater credibility. She iterated on coming to the point directly and not beating around the bush for a more succinct message.

This week we are witnessing some more interesting workshops and mentor sessions.Stay tuned for more overviews on our upcoming workshops!

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