Nine Learnings from #Failure (PKND 19)

We recently hosted an interesting evening of presentations in the 20×20 PechaKucha format, all on the topic of failure. We had about a dozen speakers, talking about everything from personal failings to systemic failure, to start up failure to managing the risk of failure. I took careful notes on what I was hearing, on the basis of which I’ve compiled this here list of nine key learnings:

  1. Personal failure is never easy to talk about.

  1. Failure is only a possibility for heroes, not for innocent by-standers.

  1. Failure is the process of learning that the world is other than we thought.

  1. Entrepreneurs have begun using failure as a cheap badge of honor.

  1. That which we cannot walk away from dogs us as our failure. Walk away.

  1. In India, any deviation from the norm is labelled failure.

  1. Even should we choose not to look at it, failure is continuous and all around us.

  1. The concept of failure must be unlearned. By each of us individually and then by all of us collectively.

  1. Innovation is the discipline of mapping, tracking and systematically overcoming failure.

Not all of this is self-evident and obvious, so I’ll soon be working on some notes to explain each point.

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