Nesta @ Adianta – About Scaling up, methods and viability .

fullhousepano (1)Earlier this morning, a trio of researchers and skills team folks showed up at the Vihara Innovation Campus (yes it was pre-planned, and not really a random ‘Hey, we dropped by for tea and scones before we fly out to London’ pit-stop) to share with us and chat about some of their research.

Principal Researcher Madeleine Gabriel with her colleagues Kristen Bound and Theo Keane have been researching around the concept and idea of scaling up for Social Innovators. The themes touched on went right from ideas like a)Scaling up isn’t for everyone, b)maybe the stakeholders who would actually pay for these innovations aren’t the ones who benefit the most, to are we’re doing enough to scale up?

With her presentation slides as an aide, Madeleine touched on several hard and soft points even going to the extent of mentioning that an internal Nesta joke was something on the lines of ‘ GO BIG OR GO HOME’ . There was an urge to explore areas of light coding(this validated the Adianta School entrepreneurship pedagogy of instating light coding as a modular part of the curriculum), sharing of ideas and innovations through social media as well as a push to creating online communities to engage and indulge in such talks, discussions and knowledge sharing worldwide.

In true Vihara form, there was a flurry of activity from all of us (the Vihara auditorium was quite packed) on twitter, and we Storified the whole interaction to showcase how the events unfolded in real time.

Madeleine’s talk , and all the Q&A type conversations that followed were extremely interesting and thought provoking with regard to the context (Audio file links for both parts of the session).

An interesting touchpoint from the session had to do with swimming with the tide, going with the flow et al – At what point does an innovator decide whether or not go with the tide, against it, angular, parallel etc ?

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