The Nalanda Revival


Knowledge has always been about revival, creation, expansion, sharing and so much more. It could loosely follow the tenets of the Laws of conservation of Mass and Energy, in that it cannot be created nor destroyed, but simply shifts from one form to another.

That being said, the last week has seen the Nalanda University start afresh and begin a brand new academic year, 8 Centuries after it was last active as a centre for learning. There is a lot of effort and work being poured in from all over South-East Asia (an echo of the grand past of the university) to revive it and so build it up to its former glory and beyond.

Our founder and CEO – Scholar, designer, thinker, entrepreneur, philologist and connoisseur of the finer things in life (among other things) Dr.Aditya Dev Sood enthusiastically shared his thoughts on the revival of the Nalanda University as a part of this piece.

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