My First Week


Introduced as ‘the guy who will hide in the corner and creepily videotape  your every waking moment in this office’ I’ve spent a few weeks here video documenting the happenings and goings on around the office, feeling like a spy, pretending to be a fly on the wall, getting to know the people who populate the chairs and tables from morning till evening every weekday without fail.

Needless to say, in an organization which houses multiple entities that are working towards various goals in different sectors, there is always much to do, much to capture, and much to learn here. And therefore during my first couple of days here, I found my hands quite full with responsibility and activity to be carried out post-haste. I quickly came to learn that everyone here is extremely hard working and dedicated to furthering the cause of the organization.  Wherever I go, brandishing my camera like a world war bayonet, I am greeted with smiling faces that are working hard, joyfully and tirelessly to complete, refine and perfect their individual and group projects, each of them with much to say and share, making for a lot of rich content for me to capture. 


A youthful organization both in composition and in spirit, it is always bustling with activity and flowing with a sense of determined purpose, always in motion like the ever-active cogs of a well-oiled machine. I find the members of the company often engaged in intense dialogue regarding intellectual and practical matters alike, leading to some very unique moments for the camera. Although they are full of purpose and are very serious about their work, my colleagues are also fun-loving and cheerful, and never lose an opportunity to help me feel at home. Since I serve the purpose of an onlooker, a passer-by, the window from which the world can view this organization, never really being a core element in their projects or furthering the corporation with the rest of the team, it would have been quite easy for me to feel like an outsider.


On the contrary, the environment here has accepted me gracefully and has allowed me to peacefully settle in, giving me routine and structure and allowing me the honor of being a part of this endeavor.

Thus I sit in my workspace with my equipment sprawled out around me like a mini-studio set up, replaying the adventures of the day on my computer, having the pleasure of reliving every day through the eyes of the camera and picking out and choosing the best moments of each day, to be saved and treasured forever and, with a little embellishment, to be shared with the world.

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