My Diwali Resolutions

After many years in the dust and darkness some extraordinary things have gone our way. Suddenly, all manner of questionable choices and actions, that might have been explained away on account of one’s struggles now seem inadequate. I believe we must be more humble and also hold ourselves to a higher standard going forward.

Here now are my most important resolutions for the years to come:

I will no longer allow myself to lose my cool. For those who have worked at CKS and its affiliates, perhaps you feel this comes not a day too soon. We have new kinds of public responsibilities now, and we can’t play by the same kind of handbook.

I will avoid using swear words. Here’s looking at you, Divya S. K. Datta, who’s done the most to convince me that this is an avoidable vice. It short circuits the mind and results in rather less than elegant locutions which do not produce clarity of thought either.

I will pickle and prepare foods. We have a large garden where we’re beginning to grow things. We have a large kitchen and some kitchen staff, and we can make kimchi, home-grown desi achar-s, pickled fruit juice and pickled barley water. It’s fun, collective, and therapeutic. And tasty!

I will water the plants. Maybe not gardening per se, but more like executive gardening, waving the hose pipe around and chatting with our gardener. I used to do this a lot at our old office, but somehow haven’t been in the habit here at D57.

I will expand our physical library. Everyone else around the world is selling theirs off, but I think we benefit from having a physical library that hosts and builds and informs our conversation.

I will kick a ball around. We will put up a volleyball net and get people to bounce the ball around in the winter months. So that’s kicking with your hands. We can also get a soccer ball, maybe.

I will try to work with the best people. Because we can finally afford it. Because it just makes the most sense. Because it’s about time.

I will leave early whenever I feel like it. Because the company will be in good hands and most things will be planned and routinized. And because it’s not about being there to hold down the fort, but being away and being able to dream up a better way forward.

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