Musings from the inside – 24 hours from Health Public


We are 48 hours away from an event that might yet come to define the future of the Bihar Innovation Lab.

The team is nervous and there is a lot of nervous energy in the room. However, there is a sense of quiet confidence in the team, a confidence derived from the fact that they are sitting on solid data accumulated over months of hard work on field.

Whats the big deal about collecting data one might ask, since the same can even be done even by field investigators. What makes the Bihar Innovation Lab effort novel and unique is the fact that it does far more than just collation of field data. The lab has focused its energies on understanding the guts of the system, understanding the interlinkages between multiple components of the system. The lab isn’t interested in creating incremental change, it is here to create radical change. It is here to change the conversations that happen around maternal and child health. We are here to drive the conversation towards the health and wellbeings of mothers, because when you secure the health of mothers you save not one but two lives in the process.

The lab has worked on multiple system level solutions which attack multiple problems as existing in the public health system. These solutions are an extension of the belief of the lab, that solutions to complex wicked social problems need to be multi layered in nature. Public health must look at energizing the full potential of the care ecosystem around the mother, for therein lies our hope in empowering the mother and the family to take responsibility for their own health.

Health Public promises to be a platform to have great conversations, conversations on how the Bihar Innovation Lab can partner with multiple organizations in order achieve in maternal and child health.

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