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DSC_060922nd April, 2014, Leela Business Park: This was READ’s second innings in Mumbai. The team had visited the city last year, in the month of December, to host its Early Reading consultation at Café Zoe. Close to 40 people had attended then and the READ team was hopeful that today’s workshop would bring in a similar, if not greater response.

The venue for READ’s second Innovation workshop was at Tata ClassEdge’s office in Andheri – East. A location, close to the airport. As the team reached 4th floor of the Leela Business Park, it was greeted by two guards who in due time would prove to be excellent event managers. By 10 the venue was set and the first participant had already arrived! What better way than to begin the morning session with tea and coffee – a nice wake up drink to get the minds running.

As people began to pour in they were escorted to the 7th floor for their energy booster. By 10:30 most of the seats were occupied and it was time to begin the event. Based on popular demand, the READ team had tweeked the Mumbai agenda to add a pre innovation workshop session on proposal writing, its importance and structure. DSC_0532You can read more about that session in Deepani’s blog titled, Proposals and all that, with READ Alliance in Mumbai. Some very interesting aspects came out of this dialogue and the team made a mental note to include a similar session to the Bangalore Workshop.

Two prominent types of proposals were discussed – solicited and unsolicited. For the case of the workshop, the focus was on solicited keeping in mind the EGR Challenge called by READ Alliance.

Post this session, participants took a quick lunch break before gearing up for the Innovation workshop. DSC_0600The Mumbai workshop began on a slightly different note. After the initial introduction by participants, Aditya Dev Sood introduced an interesting question. ‘What does Innovation mean to you?’. Every participant replied in a different way, some relating innovation to their work, others to their life. It ranged from practical insights to philosophical theories. However, the diversity of answers meant diverse minds, a fact that the READ team was quick to judge and appreciate! Diverse minds interacting would hopefully result in diverse ideas being generated! The rest of the workshop followed the same stages as those in the Delhi Workshop. For a quick update, visit the Delhi O Delhi blog DSC_0641

Self Ideation

Self Ideation

Stage One: Group Interpretations of the Seven Steps to Reading. Interestingly, participants instantly connected and many groups were ready to present together rather than have solo representatives.

Stage Two: Self Ideation on a solution for Early Reading in India. The ‘we’ spirit was evident in many of the ideas. Community engagement through public involvement and resource sharing featured in many concepts.

Stage Three: Voting and Top 5 idea selection. Participants were asked to vote for the top 5 ideas. To know more about the ideas generated and the final Top 5, click here.

voting Session

Stage Four: Group Ideation. 5 groups were made corresponding to the 5 top ideas. Participants were asked to join one group based on interest or collaboration potential. Each group improvised farther on the existing idea. This was followed by a group presentation of the final concepts and strategies.

Stage Five: Group Presentation. As each team presented, their ideas were critically reviewed by the audience followed by a Q&A session.

It is hoped that this workshop will help individuals understand what is needed to create strong proposals with awesome ideas that are both meaningful and sustainable.

As the day ended, participants again shifted to the 7th floor to unwind and savor a few Maharashtrian delights such as Dabeli, Pau Bhaaji and Pakore. Kudos to all the efforts put in by each team! With two workshops over and all the enthusiasm received, the READ team were truly in high spirits. Now would also be the right time to mention that the READ team got a lot of support from Tata ClassEdge. A huge thank you to Nirav, Amit and Shweta…and the two guards on 4th floor! Now for the last workshop in this series, destination Bengaluru – more about that later!




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