Mobile toilets that convert waste to usable energy

San+Co.’s new technology of mobile toilets could be an answer to India’s lack of proper toilets as well as its lack of sufficient energy.

Waste is stored in a cartridge, which is collected every few days, and sent to a facility that produces and sells fertilizer. The facility also converts methane from the waste into electricity. In return for the cartridge, each family receives a rechargeable battery they can use to power a light bulb or two, and charge a mobile phone.

The system addresses many different issues. It provides a dignified, safe, and hygienic solution to a basic human need. Off-the-grid electricity translates to increased productivity for adults, extra study time for students, and additional safety. The fertilizer is an organic option for local farmers that helps increase their yield per acre. And the system reduces disease by keeping waste out of the local water supply.

San+Co: Waste is Terrible Thing to Waste

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