Mobile Banking and Design

Over on his blog, Olof Schybergson wonders about the future of mobile banking, and the design challenges it presents:

Design is key, but if the design of current mobile banking applications is anything to go by, then banks still have work to do.  By and large, the high expectations of iPad and iPhone app users in terms of look and feel and intuitiveness have not been met by mobile banking applications. Consumers want beauty and ease of use, platforms that ignore these core concepts face an uphill struggle. So, there is something of a balancing act to get it right which is no mean feat, after all, how do you create complex data representations and design within the restrictions of a bank’s IT infrastructure whilst delivering on time, on budget, and with a great user experience?

While there may not be a mobile banking experience that meets the expectations of iPhone users, mobile banking seems to be gaining traction in many parts of the world.

Back in December, Nicholas Kristoff wrote a column (I’ve Seen the Future (In Haiti) ) about how mobile banking is being implemented in Haiti and other parts of the developing world.

I wonder, as Kristof does, if mobile banking will take off far sooner in parts of the world where many people do not have access to traditional banking institutions. It seems quite plausible that this is already the case.

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