Meet the READ Alliance Team!

They say variety is the spice of life. Team READ personifies the same! Belonging to different fields such as education, design, hospitality, biology and marketing, the group represents a unique collection of minds that are anything but similar! However, there is one binding factor that is common to all of them which is their love and value for reading. Reading for pleasure, reading for knowledge, reading for expression, but READing! Of course, the best age to begin reading is when you’re very very young and that’s why the team has decided to focus its energies on Early Reading. The program was launched last month and the clock has already begun ticking. They have five years in which to reach out to and enable at least 5 million children to be able to read. The interesting part is: how?

On a normal day, these enthusiastic beings love to dream, ponder and explore the meaning of life. Though their passion and imagination makes them great visionaries but their true strength lies in their courage to question, ability to analyze and confidence in embracing change! If you see them playing, laughing, dancing or even jumping don’t be alarmed. They are trained professionals who won’t let go of the kid inside them. It’s called empathy a tool they use liberally.  As every day goes by, you can see them crossing off their ‘to – do’ lists, they want to create an impact and believe in getting things done –  Do you want to  join them in making a difference? Click  here to know more about READ Alliance.



About Deepshikha Dash

Unpredictable and erratic but beneath her madness lies logic. Having done her bachelors in Architecture and then masters in Industrial Design, this designer tries to apply her knowledge to new fields, swears by interdisciplinary miracles and is an avid reader of the book of 'life'. Beyond this, she also serves as the Program Officer for READ Alliance, a five year program focusing on promoting and facilitating Early Reading in India. If you want to catch her online tweet on @DashDeepshikha
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