Mapping Appropriate Story Content For Children

CKS is working on a project which looks into early reading for children in India between the age group of 0 to 6 years. Our research is aimed towards understanding reading behaviours, perceptions around reading out loud to children at an early age. We are working towards identifying the right content for an Indian context across different age groups and audiences.

In order to realise the right content we chose to create story cards to engage better in the field and get robust responses. These story cards contain short illustrated stories with varied themes which will be read out by parents or caregivers to children.

Before we could do this, a few choices had to be made:

  • Language of content
  • Themes
  • Visual elements
  • Length of the storyWe wanted to take with us stories that our audience could relate to and children would actually be reading at some point. Now that we have our final 8, we are ready to test. Keep reading for more updates.

Selecting the right content.

Finalising the stories to be converted into story cards.

6_ 1_
Drawing out the storied onto small cards.

IMG_5656 2_
A few drawings.

Colouring the drawings!

9_ copy
The final sets of story cards!

4_ IMG_5716
Two of the final story card sets.

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