Can Open Data Democratize Access to Water?

This was a key question that arose while the group brainstormed a list of challenge areas in water management. There was consensus in the need to democratize the access to water supplies across various neighborhoods and areas of the city, to minimize the dependence on tankers and other privatized sources (that loop in power dynamics such as monopolization and the tanker mafia culture).
Challenges around an ever expanding population within the NCR and the limited sources of water were also pin pointed. From the service provider’s point of view developing and maintaining relevant data sets and measurement mechanisms, such as meters, for consumption and pricing is a considerable challenge.

What kind of data could be used to address these challenges and how will this data be collected? How will it data be curated and presented to address challenge areas? These were some of the questions participants kept in mind while ideating. Stand out ideas included superimposing maps of population density and consumption patterns with supply patterns and existing service infrastructure. This data set could highlight inconsistencies across these parameters as well as facilitate accountability for these gaps. Despite the time constraints and speedy concepting there was debate against whether the focus of ideation should be on sources of supply or on water conservation. It would be interesting to see what form these data sets take and how they can be accessed, so check back for when this breakout group presents!

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