‘Makers’ Make Dreams Come True

10472800_583527301761480_1073770007588038550_oStill wondering whether to attend Pecha Kucha tonight or not? It is time to decide asap because the event is just a few hours away.

I am attending a Pecha Kucha for the first time and hence I am looking forward to the event. I asked some of my colleagues if it is really worth the time and their answers have only brewed up my excitement.

So I thought that I would share my reasons with you. May be this will help you make a choice. 

The theme ‘The Maker Revolution’ sounds very interesting in itself. Moreover, the presenters cut across age groups, fields of work and interest and hence provide a cohort of varied skills and valuable experience. Surely, the event has something to get inspired from.

If you love to meet people then tonight you can expect to meet some crazy and passionate people. From bakers to software engineers to robot designers, this Pecha Kucha has them all and I am sure the audience will also have some people to get inspired from.

Apparently, it can be a nice break from your laptops and mobile phones. May be you will land up learning a thing or two or you might completely discover yourself as you embark on the journey of the people around you.

You might see some more possibilities and opportunities. It might act as a catalyst to bring change in your life and motivate you to start up. You might find some potential customers or employers at the event. It is all about networking, after all.

And most importantly, you will learn to dream and to believe that these dreams can be made true.

So with all these aspirations I am going to attend Pecha Kucha Delhi # 27 tonight at 7 p.m. Are you coming? Will wait for you at Vihara Campus…

For more information about the event, click here.

You can also visit our blogs on Design Public to know about the Makers.

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