Livin’ it up…

At some point you lose count of the hours. One movie in, breakfast, nap, another movie, music, a tv show, a nap. Lunch and beer. Nap. A couple of movies and you still haven’t even hit the borders of the United States. This is one of those super-long-haul flights from Dubai to San Francisco. I draw, I read, I make these notes for a future blog post. And we’re still flying. Soon, I fill out my customs and immigration card, and note wryly that I’ll be staying at the Hotel California in Palo Alto. You can check in any time you like, but…

Outside the airport the light is bright, the air crisp and clean. A combination of being cool and warm at the same time, which errs on the side of warm. Not like Helsinki or even a winter’s day in Delhi. I’m on the BART heading South, so many little downtowns of this endlessly bright and interconnected commuter city. Munching on healthful potato crisps and an apple, I wait for my friend Kate to me up from the train station.

I’m nursing my jetlag carefully, feeding and shaping it with sunlight, a couple of walks, a trip to the beach, large lunches and dinners, afternoon naps. Many of these washed down with Lagunitas beer. It appears to be helping, but one can never be too sure with that dread dog jetlag. It will tear into you just when you’re in the midst of a bunch of students talking, or at your most important meetings. Which will begin tomorrow, from Stanford.

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