RA Innovation workshop-Innovative Ideas By Bangaloreans

Here is a list of all the ideas that the innovation workshop in Bangalore threw up. These are the innovations developed by each individual participant and presented to the group for voting and potential collaborations.

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Name: Parth Sarwate

Organization: Urban Think

Idea: Assisting reading with pictures and activities

Potential collaborators: Shalini, Meghna, Amitav, Suneeta,Shrirupa


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Name: Ruchi Singh

Organization: Aspiring Entrepreneur

Idea: Teachers Skill Enhancement

Potential Collaborators: Varsha, Ponam, Vidya, Amitav

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Name: Jona

Organization: CLT India

Idea: Learning is Fun

Potential Collaborator: Sajini

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Idea: Book ownership project

Potential collaborators: Poonam, Varsha, Ananda, Nirmala

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Name: Sumantra

Organization: not known


Potential collaborators: Reena, Isha, Jona, Ruchi, Gayatri,Fubia

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Name: Isha

Organization: Not known

Idea: Change the outdated school boards+ Syllabi

Potential collaborators: Suneeta, Nirmala

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Name: Indira

Organization: The Teacher Foundation

Idea: Graded reading assesments (GRA)

Potential collaborators: Sheela, Amitav

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Name: Suzanne Singh

Organization: Pratham

Idea: Spread the joy of reading!

Potential Collaborators: Sajini, Sheela, Ananda, Indira,Shaphoto 5 (5)lini

Name: Nirmala

Organization: Hippocampus

Idea: Words speak to me and I to them

Potential Collaborators: Neha, Gayatri, Abhinav, Varun , Isha

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Name: Poonam Bhide

Organization: Nirmiti Learning and Technologies

Idea: Reading Pen- A tool to help learners acquire early reading skills

Potential Collaborators: Sumantra, Gayatri

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Name: Varsha Imengak

Organization: Centre for law &Learning Research

Idea: Bridge- Bridging the learning gap out

Potential collaborators: Reena, Sajini, Suneeta

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Name: Sheela

Organization: The Teachers Foundation

Idea: Empowering Teachers

Potential collaborators: Meghna, Neha, Ananda, Sajini

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Name: Vishwas

Idea: Gyan Panchayat

Potential collaborators: Parth, Abhinav, Amitav, Varun, Isha, Sunil, Reena,Neha

This idea was voted amongst the top 5 innovative ideas by the participants.

The Idea: Creation of content/Books. Books that reflect agrarian culture / Science/folktales. Groups where children read, illustrate, both learn from stories and songs.

What we need to make it work?

Local content developer, Book publisher.

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Name: Shalini

Organization: APU

Idea: New Lesson-New Way

Potential collaborators: Varun, Vishwas, Shrirupa

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Name: Pallavi

Idea: Hideuot-Lookout ,my space my creation

Voted amongst top 5 ideas Plan a picnic to a place that a kid likes and exhibit the creation, interact and play with kid.  Show your creation in my space. Play together and learn together.

What we need to make it work?

A plan incorporated to existing schedule and curriculum.


Meaningfully connects to non-graded activities.

Participation of kids.

Support if parents and community.

What about the idea makes it doable?

Easily fits into the existing schooling system.  Takes into account socio-cultural context. Creates sense of self work etc.

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Name: Ananda Mahto

Idea: My Own AudioBook

Potential collaborators: Sumantra, Reena, Neha,Parth, Vidya, Isha

The Idea: Get Children to create(narrate) audio books.

What we need to make it work?

Affordable reading device. Collection of books  that work well as audio books. Professional narrators for the example materials. Audio library.

What about the idea makes it doable?

Not technology intensive, simple concept.  Many great children’s publishers and story tellers.

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Name: Rubia

Organization: Leasure of Creativity

Voted amongst the top 5 ideas.

The Idea: Crowd source story telling. Wiki story. Using technology at hand to empower children to read and write.

What is required to make it work?

Online platform.


More time.

Events to launch.




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