Learning to Read in 35 Days

TARA Akshar is a literacy program that has purportedly taught 60,000 illiterate women in India to read. The curriculum they use takes 35 to complete.

Victor Lyons explained the program’s teaching method to the Wall Street Journal:

The core of the program’s method, he explained, are memory tricks. To teach illiterate adults the alphabet, he found that it helps to turn the shape of the letters into cartoons that look like objects that begin with that letter.

For instance: To help students remember the consonant “Ta,” which is also the first letter of “tamatar,” Hindi for tomato, they are encouraged to associate the shape of “Ta” with that of a tomato.

“If ‘C’ doesn’t look like a cat or ‘B’ doesn’t look like a book, this doesn’t help you,” said Mr. Lyons.

WSJ – India Literacy Program May Be World’s Fastest

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