Key Considerations for Selecting the Right College

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” We all dream of doing something different, something that sets us apart from crowd, something that only we can create. What this means is that we all wish to innovate. Yet, we are often held back by our own fears and the ambiguous but important question, ‘’how does one innovate?”

As students, we all aspire to attend the kind of college where we can not only feel a sense of uniqueness or difference, but we can help create that difference as well. The rat race for admissions has already begun. While some students have already been appearing for entrance exams, others are still confused and are deciding whether to look for a job or to continue with higher education. Choosing the right college and course amidst all the options available is actually a daunting task. One has to consider a multitude of different aspects, including not only the course and its reputation, but also the fees, future career options and whether it provides the right infrastructure and facilities. And, in addition to all this, they need to take into account their family’s expectations, peer pressure, social norms and expectations, and much, much more.

Our counsellors at the Adianta School for Leadership and Innovation have been speaking to students and their parents to help them decide their future education and career paths. Here are some major concerns expressed by several students:

Selecting  a course: Choosing a course is actually a crazy process. Students regularly get mystified when confronted with the mass of choices available. In particular, they are faced with a dilemma when selecting between traditional and practical courses. New and innovative courses may be more appealing, but since they don’t come with a track record of success, many students and their parents are concerned about enrolling in them.

Faculty and affiliations: The strength of the faculty and affiliations of any educational institute is one of the primary things that a student considers when applying for higher education. Besides the quality of learning that this provides them, it also has a great impact on future internship and career options.

Placements and Job Opportunities: Post-graduate study is an investment, and for most students, the primary motivation to pursue further studies is the option for placements, internships and job opportunities. Therefore, they are keen to choose an institute that helps place students, invites leading organizations to the campus for recruitment, and otherwise helps students devise a future career path.

Fee structure: Students need to consider the fee structure, opportunities for scholarships and fellowships, and other ways of funding their education, as they need to plan their expenditures in accordance with their budget.

All these factors make it extremely difficult to select the right option.  The counsellors at Adianta try and offer advice to students so that they make the choices that are right for them. This in itself is a great learning process for us, as it helps us understand students’ concerns and, based on this, design our own program to align as closely as possible with what our students are really looking for.

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