Karadi Path and QUEST transform the Early Reading Landscape in India

Studies have shown the vital importance of reading ability on a child’s future and a country’s economic development. A 2011 UNESCO report found that if all students in low-income countries left primary school with basic reading skills, 171 million people could be lifted out of poverty — that’s the equivalent of a 12 percent drop globally.

READ Alliance partners Karadi Path Education Company (KPEC) and QUEST have been bringing about a change in the reading levels of children in parts of Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

KPEC utilizes a tested curriculum that introduces audio/visual technology and language development materials in technologically deprived classrooms across Tamil Nadu. QUEST is building the skills of teachers through rigorous and long-term training and support. They are doing this through LIPI, a comprehensive Marathi literacy program for children in early grades at Ashram schools and SAKSHAM, a literacy remediation program for children who have not mastered basics of reading.

Check out how Karadi Path (KPEC) & QUEST are revolutionizing the early reading space in India.

After every lesson or activity children are given a special assignment based on the Shikshak Mitra’s (Mentors for teachers) lesson plan. Children always welcome innovative assignments which creates an enjoyable learning environment




(Source: Ashram Shala in Maharashtra where QUEST programs are being run)

The children from Ashram schools who don’t come from backgrounds with zero to now literacy and struggle while reading, always enjoy when someone reads aloud for them


(Source: Children at an Ashram Shala in a QUEST class)

QUEST uses a lot of games as part of their curriculum. The aim of such games is to promote usage of libraries. These library games are developed by Shikshak Mitra’s. Such games create awareness in children about the variety of books in there library and the diverse content they have. An example of a game- Find a book by clues


(Source: Children at an Ashram Shala in a QUEST class)

Students enjoying the story path, one of the techniques employed by Karadi Path to teach children how to Read

Mime 2 - Story Path - Panchayath Union Primay School, Amman Nagar Tirisoolam

(Source: KPEC Children at Panchayath Union Primay School, Amman Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu)

Children learning how to READ as the teacher holds up a board with letters and words written on it. This is called the Reading Path, another technique employed by Karadi Path

Monitoring Visit - Reading Path - Panchayath Union Middle School, Chinna Sekkadu

(Source: KPEC Children at Panchayath Union Middle School, Chinna Sekkadu, Chennai, Tamil Nadu)

Happy READing!

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