It’s National Library Week! Let’s READ!

National Library Week (April  10 – 16, 2016) is a time to celebrate the various ways in which our libraries and library workers are bringing the worlds of children and books together. From free access to books to being resource centers for families, libraries offer numerous opportunities to a diverse group.

And as a fan and frequent user of libraries, I’m all about celebrating. This is the perfect opportunity to encourage our children to tell their stories. This year, READ Alliance interacted with a group of TFI children to know ‘Why do they want to visit a Library’. And did we get some awe-inspiring responses.


“I like to read books in my free time to get some learning”


“I want to go to a library because books give us more ideas about past. We learn how we did different things in our life. From getting ideas from books we can solve community problems”


“Because there are so many books from which I get more learning and more perspective of people. This helps us grow”


“I want to learn a lot, I want to find my passion, I want to show some values, I want to be a good person in my life & only library can teach me”


“I love reading books, and when I read books, I take lots of learnings from that and that helps me grow into a nice person”


“I want to know how interesting books are”


“I want to see how a library looks like and what do we do in a library”


“I want to read stories and I want to inspire others by telling them about themselves and others”


“I want to study and know about things and teach other students too”


“I want to read books as when I read books, I feel happiness inside” 


“Books are my friend & these books are giving me a lot of knowledge that I can use in my future to be something. And books are like real friends, if someone is not with us- so then we can use books to make ourselves feel better. Books teach us values and lots of things”


“I want to freshen my mind and thoughts”


“I love reading and exploring books”


“Books give us lots of learnings and I want to learn new words and meaning”


“I want to share the lives of all people in this world”

IMG_9433“I want to read a lot of books”

IMG_9432“Because it lets me know about authors who write books and how they write these books. I want to go to a library because it makes me know about the past”

IMG_9431“Because I want to get learnings from books and spread to everyone”

Happy National Library Week!

In the coming week, we will be featuring organizations who are doing something different to make libraries more accessible, engaging and child-friendly in their surroundings. If you or someone near you is #Makingadifference, do send in details about your program along with pictures to

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