It Isn’t Concepting, It’s Conceptualization.

The PIT – or Patient Identity Tokens – Team discussed and dissected the approach/es it needs to employ going forward. The week has begun with a flurry of activity – we have crisp, glossy, new concept cards; we are using the whiteboard more than ever; the pin-up boards have never been fuller; and there’s a daily inspirational quote to keep us motivated. Believe it or not, the quote actually works.

Workshop Mode: On

Workshop Mode: On

Last week concluded with a sense of uncertainty looming over the PIT Team. A small-scale internal conceptualization workshop had not produced the desired results and the approach utilized to designing products had been repeatedly questioned. We needed something to keep us going.

The great thing about this team is the space it provides for dialogue. We have healthy debates and discussions whenever a challenge presents itself and we try to overcome it in a strangely Parliamentarian method. Everybody gets a chance to put forth their point of view, and we ensure that the rest listen. Surprisingly, the outcome of most of these conversations provided insight on the design approach that we had used all this while. All we needed, perhaps, was new stimulus. And so we picked up a new challenge, stacked clean concept cards, got hold of new stationery and voila!

Concepts that emerged in the week that just went by lifted the entire team. We had new direction and, funnily, the same direction. Going forward, the team has decided to include new methods to conceptualize solutions. We are now engaging in solid secondary research and looking at existing solutions that may be relevant to the project. We are also, maybe, planning to organize a pan-organisation workshop. Fun times!

In a nutshell, while the winter fog has engulfed the city, the objectives of this project are becoming clearer by the day. We are using old methods to derive new results. There’s a new mantra on the BIL Room whiteboard: Keep trying. Remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic.

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