Innovative Architecture for Better Healthcare

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Danish architects 3XN have won a design competition to expand Copenhagen’s main hospital. Their ambitious design is an excellent exploration of how intelligent design can transform both the efficiency and efficacy of hospitals. Fast Company writes:

The proposal, an 818,000-square-foot expansion of the city’s existing central hospital, is defined by a series of interconnected V-shaped structures that, from a helicopter, would look like an oversized EKG readout. This isn’t just a cutesy architecture metaphor. The shape makes way for five separate light-filled atriums that’ll serve as both lounge areas and public orientation points for easy navigation through what might otherwise feel like a giant labyrinth.

The shape also increases the facade’s surface area, compared with a typical box, creating windows galore. The more sunlight patients receive, the more amenable–and ultimately, the more effective–their healing environment; evidence suggests that natural light and healthy patients go hand in hand. Additionally, gardens and green walls will be featured both inside and outside the hospital. “The positive patient environment will support the treatment and contribute to shorter hospitalization,” 3XN’s Mette Dan-Weibel says.

Reminds me of Bjarke Engels, the Danish architect and believer of hedonistic sustainability, with a penchant for quirky but sustainable design that would also help create a sense of participation, community and belongingness.

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