Innovation as a Form of Conversation

The third panel at the Design Public Conclave follows from the discussion at the last panel of the day at Design Public III, where participants spoke about the need for better conversation that will yield meaningful innovation. Discussants suggested that innovation, in many ways, can only really happen when live conversation is in play, or alternatively, that innovation itself is a form of propositional argument. If we regard this as true, however, what are the attributes of this conversation? This will be the focus of this panel discussion.

Panelists will examine the kinds of conversations that are in play today, especially focusing on those made possible through social media. As the reach of social media has expanded over these last years, so has the quality as well as kinds of conversation that is now possible. Is social media now somehow critical to the global innovation paradigm? And now, as governments become concerned and suspicious about this media and exercise censorship, however, does the state of innovation also get affected? These are some of the questions that will be addressed in this panel.

Panelists will include Karthik B. of Mahindra & Mahindra, who will talk about what Mahindra has tried to do with its Rise campaign, and the kinds of conversations that has led to and what that could yet mean for people in all walks of life. Aditya Mishra of the Headstart Foundation, which supports startups and entrepreneurs, will talk about the conversations that are shaped and hosted through the Headstart Foundation, and about what it really means to be an entrepreneur versus an innovator. Manjeet Kriplani of the Gateway House will talk about social media and how it can not only enable many new kinds of conversations, but can also impact the way we think about states and sovreignty itself. Ekta Ohri of the Center for Knowledge Societies will talk about the large question of how to involve more people in the innovation conversation and process in India. Sunil Abraham of the Centre for Internet and Society will moderate the conversation, and will touch the question of how freedom of expression and innovation flow together.

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Ayesha Vemuri is responsible for thought leadership and outreach efforts at CKS. She has undergraduate degree in Visual Art from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, where she also studied such varied subjects as biology, literature and the humanities. At CKS, she is responsible for curating the Design Public blog, managing our various social media platforms, organizing Pecha Kucha Nights and contributing to the intellectual content of the Design Public Conclave and other CKS initiatives. Find her on twitter at @ayeshavemuri.
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