Innovating strategic learning over some salmon

We’ve all always agreed that learning never stops.

So where do your leaders learn from?

Especially in the ever dynamic corporate India, where learning can quickly translate into money.

Last Friday at the Pullman Gurgaon, Dr. Aditya Dev Sood hosted a breakfast briefing involving about 15 industry leaders who gathered to discuss about how Indian organizations can develop its leadership, and enable them to have a global vision.

Industry point of views from Telecom, Banking and Finance, Aviation, Real Estate and Consumer Durables were well represented in the gathering, and thus a very rich conversation emerged.

We all agreed that there is a lot that Indian organizations can learn from each other, regardless of the line of business they are in.

“Sometimes looking inside your own business may not be the best place to uncover your challenges” said Mr. Vikram Dutta of DLF. He added “at times constraints of hierarchy and business interest hold vendors form sharing their actual problems, and thus senior leadership stays oblivious to these real on ground challenges”.

Mr. Sunil Narang, CEO of WDHB, and an expert on People Development and Global Learning, shared how his company has helped some of the world’s leading organization tackle these learning challenges and see immediate and tangible output.

Dr. Sood announced a strategic partnership between CKS and WDHB starting 2013 which would offer a 3 stage innovation learning solution for the senior leadership of corporate India. This solution, he added, would comprise of the following three steps

  1. Identification of specific challenges and learning needs of specific organizations.
  2. Field expeditions to discover answers to those specific challenges,
  3. Implementation of the new learning to result in measurable output.

India Inc. is now increasingly looking to compete in the international market, and it’s imperative that Indian organizations develop its senior leadership and equip it with a global vision to match that of the multinationals.

The combination of some good conversation and some sumptuous salmon and delicious Danish pastries made it a real stimulating morning.

We’re planning to host the next one of these soon as well. Keep watching this space for updates.

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