In the Wake of Design Public 3

After every prior event, I’ve been moved to try to synthesize and organize everything that we at CKS have learned and achieved, in a reasonable sized blogpost. This particular edition of Design Public defies all that. It was larger, more complex, richer, abundant, vibrant, continuously in motion, and very very sophisticated while also being very very purposeful. I can’t do any of that justice here. It will unfurl slowly, in multiple reflections over the next several weeks and months.

Most of us in the team are just wiped out. In addition to the Conclave proper, we’ve completed a training workshop on Innovation Management the day prior, and an Annual Review of CKS the day after, along with our board of advisors. The National Museum was a great venue, but of course, it was also more demanding on the production team than other more conventional locations would have been. We have much to do in terms of collating all the documentary materials we have generated in the various breakout sessions, the panels, and the many ideas and responses generated by all of our participants.

Over the past couple of days, however, we have had some review sessions in office, identifying what worked and what needs to be done better next time. We all agree that we arrived at a new place with this event, and that we need to aim even higher later in the year, when we head to Mumbai.

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