Improving Maternal and Child Health: Early Design Diaries from the Field

Blame it on bad-connectivity and immersions after immersions, we still haven’t updated you on what we’ve been upto at the Bihar Innovation Lab. An energetic, curious team of 8: 1 political scientist, 1 film maker, 1 service designer, 1 sociologist, 2 product designers and 1 visual communications designer, and I (director-innovation) have been in Bihar, studying the critical 1000 day window in maternal and child health; from the start of a woman’s pregnancy until her child’s 2nd birthday.

From doing night ethnographies in labor rooms and new born care units…

labor room

to shadowing front line healthworkers as they cross the Kosi to deliver services in hard to reach areas…


to speaking to understaffed labor departments, to interviewing ambulance drivers to speaking to new mothers, fathers and mother-in-laws, religious leaders, and so on…

This brief post is just to say hi! and share some snapshots from our design diaries from team kisanganj #kartik guleria and #shivani saran.

Initial design thoughts on how to make families more aware of maternal danger signs…

making tools for better birth-preparedness and readiness…


changing perceptions around health = expensive = luxury of the rich


designing culturally resonant gestation calculation tools…


closely tying incentives to motivate health mobilizers for all services in the 1000 day window…


IMG_0008Expect more details on findings, insights, and the direction of design thinking in the coming week. Till then Happy Vaishakha from Bihar!


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