IBM Officially On Board as Sponsor for Design Public

We’re elated to report that yesterday, IBM officially confirmed their sponsorship of the third edition of the Design Public Conclave. Our CEO, Dr. Aditya Dev Sood, has been in conversation with the folks at IBM for the past month or so now, discussing areas of mutual interest and opportunities for collaboration. The focus of the conclave is on how governments as well as private corporations can increase trust in the public sphere, and in doing so help build a culture of innovation in India. IBM has been at the helm of innovation in several different arenas, and most recently have been focused on urban infrastructure and smart cities, highly relevant themes in the context of building more trust and participation through better design and innovation.

Smart Cities are cities that know how to “leverage information, anticipate problems and coordinate resources.” The smartest cities integrate and coordinate between all key functions and infrastructures. Amongst some of IBM’s initiatives in the recent past is the development of cloud-based information systems such as the IBM Intelligent Operations Center for Smarter Cities. This provides city administrators as well as all citizens with insight into the daily operations of the city through a centralized intelligence system. Through such a platform, cities, government agencies, and enterprises can optimize their operational efficiencies through better communication and coordination, and hence improve planning. In addition, it renders all these public systems transparent and more easily accessible to the average citizen.

At the Design Public Conclave, IBM will lead a breakout session on Building and Managing Smart Cities, where participants will be invited to brainstorm about the different aspects of urban planning and infrastructure, and how these can be accomplished most effectively. Mr. Jeby Cherian, Director of Strategy for IBM in India and South Asia, and Mr. Shivkumar Kalyanaraman, Senior Manager of Next Generation Systems and Smarter Planet Solutions Research at IBM India, will be leading the session.

About Ayesha Vemuri

Ayesha Vemuri is responsible for thought leadership and outreach efforts at CKS. She has undergraduate degree in Visual Art from Reed College in Portland, Oregon, where she also studied such varied subjects as biology, literature and the humanities. At CKS, she is responsible for curating the Design Public blog, managing our various social media platforms, organizing Pecha Kucha Nights and contributing to the intellectual content of the Design Public Conclave and other CKS initiatives. Find her on twitter at @ayeshavemuri.
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