Hyderabad Free of Power Cuts

State officials in Hyderabad claim that there have been no significant power cuts in the city so far this May.

Officials from the Central Power Distribution Company Limited (CPDCL) attribute this smooth sailing to the advance purchase of power, availability of natural gas, near-normal weather in most parts of the state and fewer breakdowns in generating stations. In addition, they say that this summer has also seen a drop in the demand for electricity from the agricultural and industrial sectors.

“The temperature crossed 40 degrees at the end of April and since then, it has been fluctuating not going beyond 40 degrees on most days,” said an official from CPDCL. Also, the harvest being earlier by 15 days in Nalgonda and Medak resulted in a drop in agricultural demand during the peak hot season. “These two districts are the major power consumers in the agricultural sector,” the official said. What also worked in the discom’s favour was the changed power supply schedule for the agricultural sector which did not clash with the peak hour power demand in the urban areas.

Times of India – First power cut-free May in last 3 yrs

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