How To Make Our Cities Energy Smart?

An exhaustive study taken up by the National Resources Defence Council and the Administrative Staff College states that building energy-smart cities is the fastest and easiest way to address Indian energy crisis. Study stresses that State Governments and other stakeholders must act quickly to realise the dramatic cost savings and guarantee a sustainable future for India’s energy-stressed cities. An article says:

Building on energy efficiency model standards announced today by Andhra Pradesh, the report shows that by prioritizing energy-efficient buildings construction in India’s booming cities will help the country meet its enormous energy needs, improve energy security and propel India in clean energy race.

Anjali Jaiswal, Senior Attorney and Director of NRDC, said, “India needs to build smart from the start. Seventy per cent of the buildings that will exist in India by 2030 have yet to be built. This presents a tremendous opportunity to incorporate energy-efficient technologies.”

This could be energy efficient windows to better lighting. India can dramatically reduce its energy demand and bring millions in savings to the people. The report provides recommendations to guide Indian state and local authorities, real estate developers, financial institutions and other stakeholders in shifting the building market towards cost-saving, energy efficiency and modern buildings. The recommendations include adoption of energy efficiency code and strategies to implement them, facilitate awareness and encourage innovative finance among others.

Smarter Cities is one of the challenge tracks at the upcoming Design Public Conclave, wherein we intend to develop actionable solutions towards specific urban planning problems. Regular power supply and use of energy efficient technologies can make our future cities energy-smart. To know more on Smarter Cities Challenge Track at Design public 4, see here.

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