How the System is Killing a Future Green Designer

I met a young guy yesterday, whose story has preoccupied me a bit. He came for one of our workshops, and stopped by to talk afterwards. He told me he has always had an affinity for biology and biological systems, that he has studies insects and plants, and the biochemistry of how they interact with us humans. He has found, however, that there are no job prospects for someone with those interests, so he was told by his family to study for a Bachelors of Commerce. He doesn’t do well in it, because he’s really averse to maths. He’s also doing cost accounting on the side, which he’s also bad at, because he doesn’t do well with the maths. He draws, makes cartoons, builds things. Those are the things he’s interested in, but he doesn’t see how to build a career that way. What should he do?

It occurred to me that this guy would be a great intern or assistant for someone working in biodesign, or in urban farming, or in any of these new areas of playing with biological systems in ways that are actually of value and use to us humans. I know quite a few folks doing this stuff in SFO, Helsinki, Rotterdam, Paris. But not so many here in India.

I suggested he look out for a Master’s program in design here in India. But honestly, I’m not sure how they would look at a kid with a B.Com. degree. Nor am I sure that a design program will actually nurture his interest and sensibility with respect to veriditas. So I’m open to ideas. What should he do?

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