How everybody met the(ir) Makers – Pecha Kucha #27

PKN27Pecha Kucha Night is always fast, eye-opening, exciting and close to an adrenaline rush in a vaguely academic (even if partially industrious this time around) sense. Keeping a track of it successfully would work if you had super-fast internet speeds, tandem tweeting from the same account or then just super-obsessive cybergeek tendencies backed by abilities/capabilities/functionality.

So how do you go rooftop shouting and telling people how things went down and panned out and so eventually get them to check out the soon to be uploaded videos on our very own Youtube channel  ?  It’s pretty simple really – You pick up another brilliant social media web app, crowd source the tweets (courtesy hashtags), and put together a microblog storyline. (yes, i know you’re thinking ‘such a lazy couch potato’. You’re right, but creepily enough, as you’re reading you should know that I am inside your head)

In the only way that a twitter timeline consisting of tweets from several (oh so coherent) handles (people) can tell a story, here’s the Storify link for Pecha Kucha #27 – The Makers. With all the flair, swag, style, coherence and continuity that varying smartphone signal strengths provide.

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