How Do We Accelerate Civic Innovation?

India is witnessing a revolution. The recent civic technology boom led by startups has changed the way citizens engage and interact with each other. Their bottom-up approach to solve on-the-ground issues is commendable. However, to keep up with this growing pace, there is a need to build services that connect citizens with government to tackle complex challenges in real time. This approach can solve the myriad of civic and infrastructure issues. There is also a need to build models that are understandable, replicable, and scalable. But what are these services that can transform the way citizens interact with the government? Who will make them and how? What kind of support they would require?

We welcome the following panelists to the sixth annual Design Public and are excited to hear their inputs concerning the central question:  “How do we accelerate civic innovation?”



Santosh Singh has more than 15 years of experience in the emerging market strategy and market based solutions for development. At present, he is working as a Consultant with the World Bank in their Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Practice. Learn more about Santosh here.



Kartik Desai is Principal at Asha Impact, an impact investing and policy advocacy organization set up by Vikram Gandhi. He has over a decade of experience in venture capital & entrepreneurship, investment banking and development economics. Learn more about Kartik here.



While working on large scale infrastructure projects in Kosovo and Macedonia with the World Bank, Nishesh Mehta often dreamt of solving similar challenges back home, given the much larger potential for impact. For a time, he shelved his thoughts and moved into management consulting at Charles River Associates where he advised private equity firms on energy sector investments. Learn more about Nishesh here.



Paul Aiyong Seong is the Deputy Director of the Partnerships for Innovations Office at USAID/India. The office supports partnerships that identify, test, and scale Indian innovations and best practices, for widespread adoption by the government and the private sector. Learn more about Paul here.



Kapil Mishra is a well-known political activist and public policy campaigner. At age 34, he is the youngest minister in the history of the Government of NCT of Delhi and holds charges as Minister of Water, Tourism, Art, Culture, Languages and Gurudwara Election. Learn more about Kapil here.

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