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8:30 hrs
Registration and Coffee
9:00 hrs
First Word of Welcome
9:15 hrs
An Emerging Health Innovation Ecosystem: New Models
This panel will discuss new models of and approaches to health innovation emerging in India: from Innovation Spaces within Hospitals to Self Organizing Hackathons to Med-Tech-Incubators, to Academic and Co-Creation Labs, Inter-state Innovation Case Dashboards, Health Innovation Labs and so on. What is the success of these various models and how do they exactly work? What kind of integration of efforts, new approaches and routinization of innovation is required to maximize impact on health outcomes?
10:00 hrs
System Analysis Findings and Strategic Innovation Directions for Radically Improved Maternal and Child Health
The Lab presents analytic findings and critical innovation opportunity areas emerging from a wide-ranging ethnographic and systems innovation study, conducted in different regions of Bihar, focusing on the critical 1000 day window in maternal and child health.
10:45 hrs
From Health Delivery to Integrated Social Services Delivery
How must we converge and integrate the delivery of health, nutrition, agriculture, sanitation and financing services? Why and how is this approach better? What does that mean for frontline service design, govt. reconfiguring and strategy? What does it mean for the future direction of investments by donor agencies? This panel will bring together development sector practitioners who have tried to do things in a non-siloed way and we will try to learn from them to design the vision for integrated delivery.
11:30 hrs
Deploying Health Innovation in Real-time Service Delivery at Scale
This panel will explore two parallel tracks:

  • How should the government rapidly curate, learn and pilot locally and globally successful case-studies and dynamically emerging best practices that have shown health impact.
  • What kind of regulatory and decision making environment is required to further health innovation and mainstream the use of high impact health innovation and medical technologies in public health services delivery.
12:45 hrs
Networking Lunch Talk and connect with people outside your comfort zone!
01:45 hrsConvene for Ideation Breakouts
01:55 hrs
Innovation Opportunity Theme based Ideation Breakouts
Moving from Cookie Cutter Care to Patient Tailored Care at Scale
The session will explore on creating tools and protocols to ease and automate the provision of differential care even at scale. This could span from low cost diagnostics, patient health profiling and information recording tools, care decisioning frameworks, tailored health plans, progression mapping protocols etc.
Enhancing Nutritional Status of Mother and Children: The Social Nutrition Network
This ideation session will explore avenues to radically improve the nutrition status of mothers and children within existing service delivery mechanisms. The discussion will keep the mother and the child at the center of the design process and draw from a rich understanding of the real lives and context, identify opportunities that are intrinsic to the environment and learn from these to improve upon the proposed ‘nutrition ecosystem’ that ensures that mothers and children are well nourished.
Moving From a Public Health System to a Mother Centric Health Ecosystem
This ideation session will explore the design of a ‘mother and child’ centric health eco-system, aimed at activating the potential of every player in the environment of the beneficiary, intentionally creating a joint, distributed, balanced onus of maternal and child care amongst all players; self, family, community and institution. We will also specifically focus on how the space of the home and the community can be activated as a center for care, in order to complement institutional responses to the health requirements of mothers and children.
Creating Communications for Perception and Behaviour Change
This breakout will explore on how communication design must be intuitive, inspiring and responsive to popular perceptions that act as barriers in order to impact behaviour.
We will discuss messaging, targeting messaging to influencers and decision makers, and new media.
Designing New Care Driven Data Recording Formats, Evaluation Parameters and Incentives Structures
The theme will explore the design of performance evaluation, data reporting points and formats as well as differential incentive structures in ways that encourage FLWs to keep the best interests of mothers and children in mind at all times of care provision.
Designing Service Sites: Spaces, Devices, Furniture, and Experiences…
We have identified varied instances where existing amenities and space utilization practices at the sites of service, have blunted the efficiency of the care by either posing as a barrier to adopting best practices or inhibiting interactions between the front line workers and the beneficiary. This ideation session will focus on designing specific, tangible components; physical interfaces, site spaces, amenities, aids and experiences that are central to service delivery.
Building a Self-Aware Delivery System: Evidence Based Decision Making
How self aware and informed is this delivery system and how empowered are its players to diagnose and solve for needs of their immediate environment?
This ideation session, which has high potential to be a game changer, will explore the question of ‘how to create a service delivery environment that is self diagnosing, self correcting, self governing and highly responsive to local contexts and phenomena’.
Building Service Accountability and Citizen Demand: Creating Pressure Points for the System to Perform
The citizenry does not feel empowered to either question or hold health service providers accountable for the service provided or not provided leading to a highly skewed power relationship. In ideation session we explore the design of feedback loops, 3rd party quality control and mechanisms to greater demand for better services from the community.
16:15 hrs
Coffee Jam with Music
16:45 hrs
Public Presentations from Each Innovation Breakout
Thought leaders and decision makers critique and review public presentations on the top innovations made by each of the breakout sessions. An open dialogue ensues.
17:45 hrs
Commitment Ceremony Dialogue: Framing Conclusions and Charting Next Steps
An open dialogue to articulate possible next steps, possible coalitions, alliances, research programs and funding prospects for these areas of work.
18:25 hrs
Announcing Partnerships + Path Forward + Vote of Thanks

19:00 hrs

Cocktails and Dinner


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