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Bihar Innovation Lab organised Health Public, the first Health edition of Design Public on August 22, 2014 to bring together thought leaders from Public Health, Medicine, Government (Policy and Implementation), Developmental Investment, Media, Design Labs, Start-ups, Technology and others to spark an informed, practical and earnest dialogue on how to improve maternal child health. On the day, the Bihar Innovation Lab presented field data and several potentially high impact health innovation solution concepts that sparked dialogue and innovation thinking.

Beginning with Aditya Dev Sood introducing the event, Health Public graduated to become a very intense day. The day began with discussions on topics such as new models and approaches to health and about the success and failure of the new approaches. A lot of approaches to routinisation of innovation in the health sector were deliberated upon. 

It was then followed by Divya Datta’s keynote on the Lab’s findings from Bihar pertaining to the improved maternal and child health system. The keynote was highly appreciated and generated huge response.  She took the audience through the research that the Lab has done in the past few years, what the interactions are between the service and the beneficiaries, what the several perceptions, aspirations, experiences are, and what problems occur in the system due to it. Read the full keynote here

The following panels discussed approaches for better delivery of health, nutrition and other associated facilities and the techniques for public innovation required in the health sector. These panels discussed the regulatory and decision making environment required for fostering health innovation. 

Sneak – a – peek into Health Public 2014

Lab had identified six challenge areas and through this event it tried to put them in some perspective. The working sessions tried to brainstorm on these challenge areas and to come up with the path forward. The six Innovation Working Groups were:

IWG 1: Moving from Cookie Cutter Care to Patient-Tailored Care

IWG 2: Are we ready for transition from a “Public” Health System to a “Mother” Centric Health Ecosystem?

IWG 3: Knowledge sharing could be the way forward towards better healthcare

IWG 4: Building Service Accountability towards Citizen Community Demand

IWG 5:Strengthening Service Delivery Infrastructure

IWG 6: Creating New Data Recording, Performance Evaluation and Incentive Structures

Here are the Innovation Working Groups through the lens

The learning from these breakouts were then shared on a common platform through public presentations. The day concluded in high spirits and acted as guiding stone for the path forward of the Lab. The team realised that it was time for deep reflection and there was a long way to go.  The Bihar Innovation Lab has come up with a set of observations which were garnered and developed during and after the event. Read it here. For more pictures and videos, follow us on Flickr and Youtube.

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