Having Something To Say

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the Design Public Blog, and every time one breaks the rhythm, or breaks the rhythm of not posting, there is a sense of going against inertia, or against one’s natural state. We talked a bit about this in a CKS organizational workshop we had over the weekend. In some ways, being part of an organization can militate against speaking more widely to the world. There is just so much to say internally! And that dialogue assumes a common path, shared vocabulary, memory, journey. It is, in fact, a language of intimacy.

There is a switch or a stopcock upstairs, I feel, which contains everything one could expound upon. It holds it within. For what future purpose, I couldn’t say, but that pressure builds up, holds steady, until on occasion, it spews forth.

How to modulate the pressure and frequency of one’s flow to the world? This is a fine and nice problem to turn to, something one can only achieve when everything else has been brought into a dynamic place of equilibrium. With practice it seems possible that we can open ourselves up more, share more of our energy with everyone else out there. Hello again.

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