Of Hackathons and Education App Development ( Google’s first ever for Chrome)

To help address reading challenges amongst primary aged children in  India, Google,READAlliance,  USAID,  Centre for Knowledge Societies (CKS) and 10,000 Startups India came together to pilot the Chrome App Developer Challenge for Education (http://cks.in/chrome-app-developer-challenge/)

The initiation event of the Google Hackathon was held on 5th  of July, 2014  and organized out of Google’s Bangalore and Gurgaon offices as part of Chrome App Developer Challenge: Education. The Hackathon encouraged participation from a variety of stakeholders such as Google for Education, content providers, mentors and app developers. It provided an opportunity to encourage peer learning wherein the app developers received an introduction into early grade reading and child psychology, briefing team on developing chrome apps, along with content pitches by content providers to support their venture of developing innovative apps. An open office hour to facilitate interactions amongst the stakeholders concluded the event.For more details check our blog on the initiation event here.

 Gurgaon (5)


18th July and 25th July  were announced as the deadline for online team registration and concept submission respectively. A total of thirty (30) teams registered for the challenge.

Of these, 14 teams were able to successfully submitted their concept. App developers were given adequate time for the development of Edu-apps with the 31st of August as the closing date for publishing the app on the Google Chrome Web Store. A total of 10 apps were shortlisted at this stage. The developers, selected from hundreds of applicants based on their success in past hackathons, worked with mentors over the course of eight weeks to build and publish their apps.

After content and technical evaluation of the 10 apps, the top 5 apps were announced on the 17th of October 2014. The Final round of Evaluation took place on the 27th of October 2014, and the top 5 teams made a final presentation and demonstration of their apps.

Google used their ‘Hangout’ to connect a simultaneous final presentation and demo event in the Google Delhi and Bangalore offices



Twitter-verse was abuzz with people live-tweeting at the event. We did our bit and went one step further and storified the entire lot of tweets to hopefully recreate the experience in text:

On Monday, the 3rd of November 2014 we hosted a ‘Hangout on Air’ to announce the three winning apps with Education expert and TED Prize winner Dr. Sugata Mitra. Known for the seminal “Hole in the Wall” learning experiments, Dr. Mitra won the 2013 TED Prize to build a new kind of School in the Cloud where children can explore (explore what?)on their own and learn from one another using online resources.



We also ‘Storified’ the ‘Hangout on Air’

Three Winning apps announced were:


Action Story

Race With Words

These apps are now available for free on the Chrome Web Store. They represent a variety of fun learning experiences including interactive stories, reading comprehension quizzes, timed word-matching games, and a racing app that involves building complex words from alphabet tiles.

Watch the video from the live stream for the HANGOUT ON AIR :


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