Experiential Global Learning for Indian Corporations

Tomorrow we host our first ever breakfast briefing, in partnership with WDHB, a world leader in delivering unconventional learning experiences for executives. Most recently, CKS conducted a workshop in collaboration with WDHB, on shifting paradigms for innovation in emerging economies from products to solutions. The workshop lead us to the idea of hosting a breakfast briefing, catering especially to top and senior level management from Indian corporations.

The event will witness an exchange of knowledge from amongst the top-management from both CKS and WDHB, focusing on how founders of Indian corporations can critically understand how western models of corporations can be adopted in the emerging economies. According to Sunil Narang, president and CEO of WDHB, this is where the innovation for Indian corporates lies.

Learning processes for Indian organisations needs to be experimental and experiential in nature. The stereotypical ways of working are proving to be disadvantageous in the long run, forcing organisations to adapt and innovate constantly, to succeed in today’s competitive world.Through this briefing, we hope to expose Indian companies to first hand accounts of the innovative and practical approaches towards growth and expansion followed in the west. Furthermore, it will highlight cultural differences and how a companies could be successful by being sensitive to these differences and adapt accordingly.

This briefing, held tomorrow, the 26th of July, between 8.30 – 10.30 am, at the Pullman Hotel, Central Park, Gurgaon, could help answer some pressing questions on innovation processes that are occupying the minds of Indian corporations.

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