EGRIC Dialogues: Participant Speak

The READ Alliance launched EGRIC 2015 to discover, develop and scale early grade reading innovations for primary school children in India. As a part of this, Innovation Workshops were organised across four cities to raise awareness about EGRIC 2015 and encourage innovative thinking in designing solutions to improve low reading skills among children. Following is an excerpt from a conversation with one of the participants:


Emily Kenney, M&E Consultant, Workshop Participant, Lucknow

– What got you interested in this workshop?

A friend of mine had shared details about this happening and it seemed interesting.I wanted to learn more about innovation in traditional development programs for education and meet other organisations from this sector. At that time I was designing a program for education of adolescent girls in rural settings and I was keen to see how some of these approaches could apply there.

– Have you been to an innovation workshop before? How was this different than others?

Yes, I have. I was a StartingBloc fellow and we attended an innovation workshop as a part of that. This workshop was different because it was very focussed on social innovation and education.The participants were also from the same frame of reference and it was helpful to hone in on the challenge.

Group Activity, Innovation Workshop, Lucknow

– What was your key takeaway from the workshop?

The collaborative activities were very interesting for me. A massive takeaway was how to work with small teams on critical challenges through a simple problem solving activity. The activities themselves were so different from the typical problem tree approach.

– How has the experience helped in your program or operations?

I think it was really helpful that I attended with a colleague where we could go back and share with a wider group about the other organisations working in the sector and the Read Alliance itself. It was a point where the organisation was looking to scale up and the knowledge we gathered that day was good to reflect on our future plans.We took back a simple activity to get the program team and external partners to work together and review the existing plan in alignment with program goals. The activity template was beneficial to take forward with new partners to make some critical decisions.

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