EGRIC Dialogues: Participant Speak II

The READ Alliance launched EGRIC 2015 to discover, develop and scale early grade reading innovations for primary school children in India. As a part of this, Innovation Workshops were organised across four cities to raise awareness about EGRIC 2015 and encourage innovative thinking in designing solutions to improve low reading skills among children. Kanchan Kishore from Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd, Bhopal shares her experience:


Kanchan Kishore, Manager Projects, Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd., Workshop Participant, Bhopal

– What got you interested in this workshop?

At Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd., I manage projects which deal with printing and publishing content for EGR, most of these are activity based learning materials. My interest stemmed from my interest in the idea of innovation and as participants of the recent EGRIC. This workshop was like icing on the cake.

– Have you been to an innovation workshop before? How was this different than others?

Yes, these workshops are a learning experience for me. We have been trying innovative ways to inculcate reading habits in small children. The major difference in this workshop was the participation. In other workshops, it’s mostly been client focussed where everyone attending is working on the same project. In #IWBhopal, the focus was  on problems, challenges of the same sector in different settings. We learned about how others innovate with limited resources and the different solutions, approaches to the same problems.


Workshop Participants, Innovation Workshop, Bhopal

– What was your key takeaway from the workshop?

For me, there were multiple takeaways such as how to work creatively with limited resources and how to find out and underline basic challenges in order to devise innovative ways of working on EGR issues. We were able to do a meaningful problem analysis. It’s important for all to understand that reading is not studying and work together to make children appreciate reading.

– How has the experience helped in your program or operations?

This workshop gave me an interactive platform to meet end users of the interactive material that Aadarsh creates. It gave me an understanding of ground level challenges and the implementation aspect of our work. It has been an opportunity to rediscover ways of working.
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