Are you interested in exploring the relationship between Societal Trends and Aesthetics?

CKS is looking for enthusiastic people, who can traverse across disciplines, for a trends research project.

As a part of this project you would be involved in extensive social, media, and trends research, creating wonderful visual translations, or devising color ranges that will touch people. Out on the field, in a day you may be talking to experts from various industries gathering perspectives in the realm of trends and social transitions; another day you could be workshopping with young design practitioners; and yet another day writing out a design narration for the predicted trends.

You will be expected to have a knack for expressing design via your story narration skills, visual design skills, or computing tools. What we are looking for is the spark, the thought; the desire and discipline to work well independently and in a team! You will be expected to bring in your own unique style of design thinking, writing, comprehension, and design conceptualization.

At CKS we are a team of designers, anthropologists, sociologists, architects working on different innovative concepts each day. We promise you chaos on many days and the chance to work on a mind stimulating processes, everyday!

We are looking to work with people who are starting out or have a few years experience. Send in a glimpse of your thinking; unusual work in which you took great personal interest.

If  this interests you write to us at or find the detailed job description here.

About Neha Ahlawat

Neha Ahlawat is Associate Director- Innovation at the Center for Knowledge Societies. She is interested in exploring new approaches in ethnographic inquiry and design analysis for guiding social innovation and seeking integration between business development and design strategy.
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