Dispatches From Bihar


Three field teams working for the Bihar Innovation Lab are abroad in the land. Despite poor network, dispatches are slowly dribbling back to us, and we’ll be posting updates as we get them. The below is from BIL Director Divya Datta.

. there is a season of fertility, there is a season of non-institutionalization, there is a season of flood = all together = system response needs to be strengthened seasonly. have slides on this.

. more deliveries at night than day, but bad lighting, bad signages, make it challenging – we’re heading out for night labor ethno right now. 

. need for health info portability, lots of mismgmt due to leakages in health history. most info not present at the time of delivery

. public = private health system need to complement and sync in many areas to save more lives. leakages of info, care, counselling happening all the way. 

. politics at a mobilization level can lead to complete stopping of the service in tracks, is completely unnoticed/invisible 

. many best traditional care practices making in come back in the west and in smaller pockets in india, need better visibility of these case to fast track govt. decision making and adoption in and out of labor rooms

. at district level only immunization officer, no mch at all. 

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