Design Public Wrap-Up

After a great deal of preparation, the Design Public Conclave came together this past Friday.

We had some excellent panels, some thought-provoking conversations and some really productive breakout innovation sessions.

A big thanks to everyone who attended the conference and to everyone who worked so hard to make it all come together.

We’ve posted some pictures from the event over on our flickr page, and we’ll be adding some more in the next few days.

For media types, we’ve posted the press release for the conclave.

There are already a number of interesting articles over at

We’ll be sharing more of our own thoughts about the event in the next few days, taking a more in-depth look at the insights we gained from our three innovation sessions and talking about the major takeaways from the Conclave as a whole.

And we’ve even begun planning for a follow-up conference to take place in Bangalore this coming September. More details to come!

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2 Responses to Design Public Wrap-Up

  1. Paula Thornton (@rotkapchen) says:

    No details on follow-up activities? I’m looking for the threads of sustainable action…

    • Ayesha Vemuri says:

      Hi Paula, thanks for the comment. Yes, we’d like to talk more about the follow-up activities to the last two editions of the Conclave. There has been a lot of conversation, more interest from various people wanting to be a part of the next conclave, as well as more partnerships, sponsorships and formal commitments to the process. However, in terms of actual work and concrete actions, a lot is still in progress. As we’ve mentioned in some posts, one of the very large and meaningful outcomes of the first Design Public Conclave is the realization of the Bihar Innovation Lab. While all the details have not yet been formalized, various partners including representative from the Government of Bihar, the Gates Foundation, and other stakeholders in rural innovation have all committed to the establishment of this institute, which has been conceived as a center for the development and promotion of innovation for rural contexts.

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