Crunching out Innovations at the Workshop

Participants have broken away from the group, each finding a space within the larger space and an idea within their pool of knowledge.

Each person has picked one or more of the Seven Steps which they most want to address and are working on developing a quick, dirty and very interesting solution that aims at the challenges in achievement of that step.

Some are looking at targeting young mothers-to-be by combining Maternal and Child Health with basic literacy programs for young women, who as mothers will influence and impact the reading abilities of their children.

Another person is looking at developing in-school reading programs the efficacy of which can be ensured by making them a part of the regular school day.

Another person is using peer learning to conceptualize a program where children learn from other children.

Other ideas that seem to be emerging are: the use of technology to impart more interactive and visual learning; tapping the DIETs (District Institutes of Education and Training) to impart training in teaching of reading to teachers and thus reach a large number of children; developing programs that help children in schools practice reading even as they are taught to read to ensure skills learnt are reinforced and consolidated.

As I write this, participants are preparing to present their ideas, and I need to put away my laptop. But shortly on this page will be a list of all the ideas presented in greater detail. Keep reading!!

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