ColourNext 2012 Themes: Headrush

‘Headrush’ was the second theme discussed at ColourNext Dialogues. The panel consisted of Aparna Piramal Raje and Wasim Khan, who spoke immediately about how the installation had a certain jagged, almost mechanical look from afar, but upon coming closer, was revealed to have an almost organic continuity, portrayed by the juxtaposition of the metallic frame and the white threads that made up the structure. Participants talked about how the installation was reminiscent of mountain tops, extreme sports and other youthful, predominantly masculine energies, and that the colour palette was similarly reflective of the ‘modern’. Someone mentioned that there was a kind of ‘organized chaos’ within the installation, a sense of control within an intense drama.

Aparna observed that the colours and textures in the palette were also those seen in gaming, and that this theme was a reflection of how technologies alter our consciousness, including our aesthetic senses. Mostly, participants agreed about the relevance of the theme, but there was some discussion about the palette and the need for it have more metallic hues and greater contrasts.

An image bank and description of the trend is given after the fold.

This theme is about the growing youth population and its changing desires and aesthetic sensibilities. It reflects the ever-increasing drive towards experimentation, exploring the self and its many desires, breaking boundaries, changing social expectations, and living life on the precipice.

In these changing times, globally and in India, social and cultural norms are also being rapidly altered. Much that was considered unusual, unacceptable and even unknowable is now being accepted, and the restraints of society are being gradually loosened. Young people everywhere are pursuing their desires, experimenting and, through these ‘insperiences,’ are fuelling the intense rush of surviving life’s unpredictable next steps.

This theme isn’t about rebellion for the sake of rebelling, but rather is about pursuing one’s own desires despite restrictions of any sort, including social norms and expectations. Through these intense experiences, you can come to know yourself, allow yourself to feel exhilarated and uplifted, disrupting the monotony and mundanity of everyday life.

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